Steps on How to Do Waxing Properly and Other Tips

Now it’s easier to wear hair-free bodies thanks to waxing. This technique uses simple materials, and its effectiveness is 100%. The best thing is that it delays the appearance of hair in weeks. Although it is often believed that these practices are exclusive to young people, the truth is that many adults increasingly choose to wear smooth skins, precisely to give a plus of youthful image to their days.

Smooth and soft skin, free of blemishes, imperfections and unwanted hair, has become, now more than ever, one of the aesthetic goals of the modern era.

What is waxing?

It is specifically about using a warm wax that, in direct contact with the skin, allows the hairs to adhere to a particular paper that helps remove hairs in a 100% effective and long-lasting way. It is something that many people look for when it comes to removing hair strands.

How Waxing Works

The secret lies in the wax used. This adherent possesses a compound that allows the hairs to remain stuck, said simply, to the paper that is used to remove them, in the finish.

In addition to this, this plaster is applied at a somewhat high temperature (although not all, as there are also cold presentations), which ensures that there is an opening of the pores where each strand is born, making the removal is more effective and occurs from the root to prolong its growth.

How to Do Waxing in 5 Steps

Generally, the recommendation is that this type of depilation is carried out in aesthetic centres specialising in the practice of depilation. However, at present, commercial combo packages including wax, specific bands and application palettes can be purchased, in which case these steps must be followed to the letter:

First and foremost, the area intended for depilation must be thoroughly cleaned. To wash with abundant water and soap is imperative.

Ensure that the wax has an average temperature between 35 and 45 degrees Celsius. About 3 or 4 minutes on high heat, with a lid, will be enough to reach this heat range; if it is done without a lid then it will be about 10 minutes.

With the paddles, spread the plasma over the surface of the skin on which you want to work. To test in the hand before applying it is ideal to check the temperature.

The time of action of the compound varies between 4 and 10 minutes. If you are dealing with commercial products, simply check the consumer information, as there are presentations for thick and rough skins (as in the case of men) and for sensitive skins (mainly ladies).

Using the bands to remove the wax with the hair itself is an easy task. It spreads through sections on the surface of the skin and is lifted quickly and agilely to avoid painful outbursts.

Finally, it is always advisable to moisturise the depilated area to moisturise the skin and make it look healthy and moisturised on the same day, only a few hours after depilation.

Types of Wax Available For Shaving

The fact that wax can be both cold and hot has already been mentioned; in this sense, it is worth noting that it exists:

Hot: In this case, the poultice is used as recommended in the steps of the previous section. Regulating the temperature is vital to avoid burns.

Cold: In this case, it is a matter of using the cream at room temperature. The only contraindication is that it can be more painful since the opening of the pores does not occur.

Temperate: Similar to the first but with a heat range that does not exceed 35 degrees Celsius.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Waxing

The advantages are mainly aesthetic, since wearing hair-free skin is synonymous with young, healthy-looking skin.

Pros of waxing

  • You look younger and healthier.
  • It is safer to go to areas where parts of the body are exposed, such as beaches and swimming pools.
  • In the aspect of the effectiveness of this particular method have the benefit that when applied with heat, more accurate results are obtained.
  • The heat also helps to ensure that there is no pain when the special bands are pulled out.
  • They can be applied at home, with the purchase of products of massive use.

Cons of waxing

  • It can be painful when done with cold plasters or at room temperature.
  • A very abrupt band removal process can generate light bleeding through the pores so there may be burning in the final cleaning of the entire process.
  • It also includes skin irritation and redness.

Wax Side Effects

As a general rule, there is nothing to regret when using this system to remove body hair. However, the following must be taken into account:

  • It can cause severe skin problems when performed on tanned or injured skin.
  • On sensitive skin, which is easily irritated, it can trigger an irritation that lasts for several days, in which case it is best to look for other aesthetic alternatives.

Tips for a Perfect Wax Shave

Before doing this procedure, it should be repaired in what type of skin you have to know if it is recommended or not to eliminate hair in this way. On the other hand, it is best to do it in a specialized cosmetic center. This way is guaranteed not only to avoid inconveniences but also to achieve more perfect and long-lasting finishes.