With the arrival of summer, depilation is one of those unpleasant tasks that we can’t pass up. The good news is that there are natural techniques that we can do at home and that help us take care of the skin, avoid irritations and achieve lasting effects with hair removal. And not only that, but we can also take care of the environment by not using products with chemicals or additives.

Hair removal with thread 

This millenary technique is an ideal form of depilation for small areas such as the lips or eyebrows. It has many advantages: it is long-lasting because it removes hair from the root, it is fast, it does not use chemicals on the skin, and it is a very hygienic option. The technique consists of using a thread about 30 centimeters long with which the hairs are twisted and then pulled out (see video).

Sugar depilation

Using sugar to create natural wax is one of the oldest methods of looking hairless legs. To make it at home, all we need is a cup of sugar, another cup of honey and the juice of half a lemon. Some people replace syrup with water. The mixture is gradually heated while stirring. It can be applied to the skin with a plastic spatula and removed with cloth strips. However, you must be very careful with the temperature of the sugar when you apply it. Among its advantages is the use of natural ingredients without additives, low cost and does not cause allergies or irritations with the right temperature.

Hair removal with tweezers

A simple, precise and very useful option is tweezing. Suitable for small areas such as eyebrows or other parts of the face, this method has long-lasting effects as the hair is extracted from the root. The skin is not irritated and, although the process is a little slow, the results are fantastic.

Silicon microcrystal gloves

With this technique, the hair is removed by friction. Simply rub the glove on the skin with circular movements to remove the hair. This type of hair removal mittens uses silicon, a very sharp mineral (the second after the diamond) and soft enough to be used on the skin. With this type of glove, depilation becomes a gentle, painless process that weakens the root and, in addition to depilating, acts as an exfoliant.

A mixture of ingredients

There are many other natural and sustainable hair removal techniques that are made with ingredients that are easily found in the supermarket or in our kitchen. It can be a mixture of white pepper and camphor (good for the legs), chickpea flour with turmeric flour and a little milk (used a lot in India), papaya with turmeric (very good for sensitive skin) or egg mask to remove facial hair.