Wax application plus Waxing benefits and drawbacks

In spite of the different techniques that exist, waxing is still the preferred technique. Its effects are more durable, and its application is very simple.

Waxing is one of the most commonly used methods of hair removal. This technique consists of extracting the hair below the surface of the skin, managing to detach it from the follicle.

Wax Application

The wax is previously melted, and a layer is applied to the skin. Wait a few seconds for it to harden, and with the help of a particular fabric, pull it out quickly, in the opposite direction to the hair growth.

The temperature of the wax cannot exceed 42ÂșC because it melts immediately and can cause burns on the skin.

Depilation with wax varies according to the type of hair and its growth in each woman. However, it is recommended to apply it every three weeks and take into account some precautions, such as direct exposure to the sun, or apply products containing irritable substances.

After waxing, the skin may become red, irritated and painful. However, this is entirely normal, and there are post depilatory creams that relieve the treated area in a matter of minutes.

Attention must be paid to the hygiene and quality of the products offered by the aesthetics where we go for depilation. In our homes, it is also essential to have the utensils disinfected and the space clean and tidy, as well as previously clean our skin. In this way, we will avoid infection or an accident.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Waxing

There are different skin types, so wax is not the same for everyone. This technique has advantages and disadvantages.


Wax has a long-lasting effect, as it is only applied once a month or twice a month at most, allowing the skin to rest and the hair to grow without interruption, as with the razor, which makes the skin more prone to irritation.

Another advantage is the feeling of silky and healthy skin, as the hair is completely removed from the root, leaving the skin flawless.

Also, it is an economical and efficient method that comes in different presentations today. There is hot, warm and cold wax for different skin types and tastes.


The first disadvantage of waxing is that this application can be very painful for some people. However, the skin becomes accustomed to regular depilation, and the pain becomes second nature.

It can also cause folliculitis, which occurs when hair follicles become inflamed.

Wax can cause the hairs to grow upside down if it is not applied correctly. Also, irritation or allergy may be more common in some people.

If you have susceptible skin, the pull of the wax can cause bruising.